Main important services of BanuMusa research group in energy industry:

  • Damage and Failure analysis of wind turbine blades
  • Fracture modeling of metal and composite structures
  • Designing of blades of wind turbines
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) modeling of wind turbines
  • Free surface simulation (for example wave energy converter)
  • Natural convection simulation (flows driven by natural or forced)
  • Multiphase Flow simulation
  • Design development and simulation of boilers and steam generators
  • Analysis of boiler tube erosions
  • Optimization of designs for Rotors, Valves, Flow Paths, Ducts
  • Simulation of processes such as Combustion and Mixing
  • Flow simulations and analysis using CFD techniques
  • Structural and thermal analysis of turbine blades
  • Aerodynamic analysis of wind turbine rotors
  • CFD analysis for optimizing the efficiency of multiphase vertical separator
  • Heat transfer analysis in hot water generator
  • CFD simulation of air flow inside the oil tank and analyzing flow property distribution
  • Analysis of heat transfer augmentation in circular tube fittings
  • CFD analysis for oil - water phase separation process in a separator tank
  • CFD analysis for improvising pulverized Coal Fired Boiler
  • Analyze and manage uniform flow distribution from wind box burners
  • Photovoltaic
  • Design, modeling and analysis of wave energy convert

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