Structural Integrity and Component Life Assessment Course

This post-experience course is suitable for engineers in power plants, petroleum, chemical and aerospace industries where state of the art fracture-based design and life assessments need to be employed.


This course incorporates the basic and recent advances in the subject of fracture and damage based structural integrity for low and high temperature component life assessment under static and cyclic loading conditions. It aims to provide an overview of the latest assessment methodologies and procedures for assessing the load carrying capacities of cracked and uncracked components. Methods for safe use and component replacement using damage and fracture mechanics concepts are presented. Developments in testing methods, data analysis, failure criteria, finite element modeling, residual stresses and geometry/material constraint will also be examined.



Prof. A.S. Nobari   Prof. H.R. Ovesy Prof. H. Hosseini   Prof. K. Nikbin   Prof. F. Aliabadi   




Department of Aerospace Engineering

No.424, Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 021-64543220

Fax: +98 021-64543237

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